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Ameyo Emerge Zoho CRM integration: Personalized Customer Experience gets Colossal Push

Just a single glance at the accessible pool of data, and you are gung ho about providing clear-cut personalized customer experience!

Now, the aforementioned proclamation would seem be taken straight from a sci-fi novel, but we are elated to declare that it is not an imagination anymore, rather a part of the new reality that Ameyo Emerge and Zoho has formed with their fresh integration.

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Ameyo Emerge and Freshdesk Integration – The Why and How of it

For businesses grappling with customer experience and agent experience, it is almost a daily struggle to deal with customers who have very less attention spans and are not patient enough to share details such as email id or order id.

Thankfully, Ameyo Emerge and Freshdesk have come to the rescue of such businesses!

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How Ameyo Emerge and Freshdesk can Uplift Customer Experience & Agent Experience

Consider this – it has been sometime that you have set up your business; calls have started pouring in to avail your products and services. For the initial months, your reps are able to handle calls from customers and prospects with ease. However, as time progresses, you are utterly flabbergasted when you realise that these calls can be handled much more efficiently.

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5 Drivers for Deploying an Integrated Contact Center in your Small Sized Business [Free Ebook]

Improving end-to-end customer experience has been one of the major concerns for small-sized organizations who have been focusing more towards customer acquisition than retention. A clear understanding of the factors behind customer’s motivation and buying intention is something that you need to adapt as a continuous learning process for building strong customer base.

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How to Build an Ultimate Scaling Strategy for your Startup [Infographic]

There can be a possibility that your startup business survives the odds, despite of stiff competition in the market. Most of the budding entrepreneurs have realised the reason behind the failure of startups and thus, have started focusing on each phase of growth.

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The Ultimate Guide to Getting and Retaining your First 100 Customers [FREE Ebook]

In the hyper connected world there is no golden bullet to serve customers. With the growth of business, it is the kind of service that sets the foundation for winning hearts of your prospective customers.

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Make your Startup More Effective with these 4 Call Monitoring Practices

At the heart of any call center is customer service. Call monitoring is an effective method to evaluate and improve the efficiency of your customer service in your startup. The main objective of call monitoring is to detect and analyze calls that fail to provide satisfactory service. It also provides the means to identify and acknowledge practices that deliver positive results.

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Top Mobile App Trends for 2017 to Impact Small Businesses [Infographic]

In a world that is dictated by smartphones, 4G is the new ‘it factor’ in India as prices continue to be on a declining spree along with increased customization.

This is quite obvious as the smartphone user base stands at 250 million, growing at a massive 50%. Furthermore, there have been 106 million new smartphone shipments last year, while the penetration still stands at 20%

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Why Socially Enabling your Contact Center is Crucial


Contact centers are referred to as customer interaction centers and are the central point of an enterprise where all customers can contact and get their queries answered.

With social media influencing the market considerably, it is important to socially enable your contact center at your startup. Socially enabled contact centers are the bargaining chips in bringing in more genuine customers as well as to build strong relations with the customer. It also helps to deliver consistent and pertinent brand experiences just on your touch. 

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How is the State of Indian Startup Funding in 5 Key Industries [Infographic]

Yes - at the end of the day, it all boils down to funding. That is the blatant truth about startups in present times, and I couldn’t be more straightforward than this.

Startup ideas and the creation of new businesses are the order of the day in our country. However, only a handful of them survive to tell the tale, for the longer run, and the single most key differentiating factor is - funding.

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